Jiangxi water conservancy and Hydropower Construction Co., Ltd.


Corporate Values

Dedication to employer-satisfied project and customer-satisfied service in pursuit of perfection timelessly is our invaluable asset


Enterprise Spirit: Ardious Pioneering,pragmatic dedication
Humanistic Spirit: People Oriented, Honest and Trustworthy 
Innovation Spirit:seeking new ideas, pursuing excellence
Teamwork Spirit: Cooperating with Sincerity, Growing in Synergy
Development Goal: First-rate Management, First-rate Engineering, First-rate Efficiency, First-rate Talents, First-rate Technology, First-rate Equipment, First-rate Environment, First-rate Service.

Enterprise Tenet

1. Provide excellent engineering and high-quality services for customers. 
2. Create more wealth for the country and pay more taxes to the state. 
3. Provide employees with good development space and satisfactory wages
4. Diversified developments for bigger and stronger enterprises 

Development Strategy

1. Collectivization Strategy: Based on water conservancy industry, developing real estate business, expanding highway and municipal industry and exploiting tertiary industry to realize multiple developments.
2. Internationalization Strategy: Based on mainland, going global.
3. Talent Strategy: Based on internal human resource to cultivate leaders in technology and various work fields, foster and introduce high-level, sophisticated and cutting-edge management talents to establish superiority of talents.

Management Philosophy

1. Scientific Management
2. Efficient, Effective and Creative

Production Philosophy

1. Establish the concept of excellent project. Conducting "3W" Management: "Whole Process, Whole Dimension and Whole Personnel" Management.

2. Establish the concept of linking construction and production with market operation.Do a project, make a friend, build a monument, and occupy a market.

Quality Philosophy

1. Establish the concept of quality is the company's life.
2. Establish the concept of quality is the company's first image. 

Safety Philosophy

Caring for life and caring for staff. Implement the policy of "Safety First and Prevention-Oriented" to achieve "Double Zero" (zero accident and zero casualty) goal.

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