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Founded in December 1956 from originally the Lushan Hydropower Engineering Office by Jiangxi Electric Power Industry Administration Bureau, Jiangxi Water and Hydropower Construction Group Co., LTD.  (hereinafter referred to as JWHC GROUP CO.,LTD or JWHC), has successively contracted to build many projects in China, and entered the foreign aid project and international project bidding fields in 1993 and won the bidding of many projects since then,withstanding the test of more than 60 years and ushered into the new era as the  dream pursuer, the pioneer of the National “Belt and Road” Initiative, and market leader in water conservancy front on the red land.

I. Powerful Comprehensive Strength

With registered capital of 301.8 million RMB Yuan and more than 980 technicians and experts of various aspects, JWHC is a core member of International Center on Small Hydro Power (ICSHP) of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and Top ENR 250 International Contractors. Specialized as International Contractor, Grade-A Foreign-Aid Project Builder, and Integrated Services Provider, JWHC has attained a wide range of professional qualification certifications, including Grade I General Contracting Certificate for National Water, Hydropower and Municipal Public Works; Grade II General Contracting Certificate for Highway, Architectural, Electromechanical and Environmental Protection Works, as well as Measurement Qualification Certification in engineering survey, design and inspection.  

JWHC GROUP Co.,Ltd. has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 specialized branches (Yuandi Real Estate Development Ltd, JingNuo Testing Ltd, , Jiangxi Water  Consulting Ltd .M&E Installation Ltd,as well as Design Sub-Institute and Foundation Treatment Branch), along with multiple branches and offices has been set up, covering 18 provinces in China and 16 Overseas Countries abroad.

II. Collaborative Development  

Based upon traditional advantage cores in water and hydropower construction, JWHC is committed to diversified fields such as  municipal utilities, highway and bridges, housing construction, hydro & electro mechanical installation, foundation treatment, project management, engineering design, quality inspection, real estate and financial investment, supported with strong comprehensive operation and management capabilities for new PPP and EPC contracting modes,  a collaborative development pattern featuring integration of multiple businesses has been finally streamlined.

III. Excellent Overseas Performance

As one of the pioneers that takes part in international business and initiate the globalization process, JWHC constantly accelerates its development pace of “Going Global” and vigorously promoting the “Great Overseas Strategy”,has covered its business scope within 20 plus countries, and Continuously boost its international competitiveness, international market influence and brand recognition. Consequently JWHC has been rated as the Top Ten Leading Enterprises of Going Globally and the Advanced Enterprise for “Going Global” in Jiangxi Province.

Making its overseas construction business as core development, JWHC has, for four successive years, made its rankings among the Top 250 International Contractors, indicating the fruitful concerted effects of its international expansion strategy. 

IV. Sustainable Technological Innovation

JWHC attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation and continuously strengthens the enterprise's development momentum by focusing on engineering projects, new technologies and processes are widely used during the construction and production. Furthermore, a great deal of scientific research projects won the first prize of Ganpo Water Conservancy Science and Technology and Jiangxi Science and Technology Progress Award; a number of processes and QC achievements have won provincial and ministerial awards; Rules and Regulations of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Industry in Jiangxi Province mainly and jointly edited by JWHC have been issued and implemented.

V. Remarkable Corporate Reputation

JWHC has been honored as ‘Honoring Contract and Keeping Promises’ for 20 consecutive years, and has been successively awarded the honorary titles such as the Excellent National Enterprises, Top 100 Enterprises in Jiangxi Province, Excellence Construction Enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Excellent Enterprises in Jiangxi Province, Advanced Enterprise for Key Project in Jiangxi Province and Advanced Enterprise for Safety Production in Jiangxi Province. JWHC has undertaken multiple projects granted with China Dayu Award for Hydraulic Project, Tengwang Pavilion Cup in Jiangxi Province, Excellent Projects in Jiangxi Province, National Civilized Building Site. Beside, JWHC has taken the lead in water conservancy and construction industry to achieve the authentication of QEOH accreditation (including Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System). Besides, JWHC is among the first batch of Grade I enterprise award for safety production by the Ministry of Water Conservancy. In the aspect of social reputation, JWHC is awarded with National AAA Rank Enterprise for as ‘Honoring Contract and Keeping Promises’, AAA Rank Enterprise for Bank Credit, AAA Rank Enterprise for Water Conservancy Market Entity in China, and AAA Rank Enterprise for China's Overseas Project Contracting.

VI. Profound Cultural richness

More than 60 years of hard work has created a tough and trustworthy construction team,and cultivated a profound cultural richness.  Adhering to the enterprise pursuit of "Hiking the world and benefiting the society", JWHC conscientiously fulfills its economical, political and social responsibilities in the course of self-development, unsparing  manpower and material resources has been mobilized and injected into relief works, epidemic prevention, poverty alleviation, donation and education, with good results has been achieved and widely recognized by all walks of society.

It is a time to ride the wind and cleave the waves, 

and set cloudlike sail to cross the sea which raves. 

Along with the ushers-in of the new era, JWHC GROUP  will always have its foot on the ground while adhering to the lofty ideal of “Globalization   with Commitment,  Harmonization with Construction” deep in heart, and the dream of "Strong Staff, High-Performing Enterprise" firmly in mind, unremitting strength shall be devoted to build socialism of Chinese characteristics, with responsibility, wisdom, hard work and sweat. 



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