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The epidemic is merciless we have human love

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Public health facilities donated to local primary schools by JWHC Kenya Ltd


2020年初,肯尼亚公司总经理贺翔及286公路项目经理廖会文,在陪同肯尼亚议会常务秘书Matinga及交通部领导巡视286公路项目时发现当地Ngaru 小学公共卫生设施极其简陋,严重危害全校师生在疫情期的身体健康。肯尼亚公司发扬“江西水建”贯有的“捐赠公益,造福社会”的优良传统,为小学捐建公共卫生设施。施工期间恰逢雨季,疫情肆虐,人员物资极度匮乏,肯公司加大施工力度,克服重重困难,圆满完成施工。

When He Xiang, general manager of JWHC Kenya Ltd, and Liao Huiwen, project manager of RWC286 Project, accompanied Permanent Secretary Matinga and director of the Ministry of Transportation for inspection of the RWC286 Project,it was found the public health facilities of local Ngaru primary schools were extremely poor and the health of teachers and students were seriously compromised during the epidemic period. Carrying forward the fine tradition of "Donating Public Welfare and Benefiting Society", JWHC Kenya Ltd decided to donate public health facilities to Ngaru primary schools.While the epidemic situation is raging and the personnel is extremely scarce, unsparing efforts are set up to overcome such difficulties to complete the construction successfully in the rainy season.



The inspection of the school facilities by Member of Government of Kenya was welcomed by local residents singing and dancing along the road.Mr Matinga said the overall improvement of the modern public health facility will solve the health issue of teachers and students in local primary schools. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to our company for its work during the epidemic, and highly praised the projects we have built. It is his sincere hope that our company will continue to build a bridge between China and Africa in Kenya.


原有公共厕所Existing public toilets


 新公共卫生设施New public health facilities


Inspection by Member of the Government of Kenya and Governor of Krigeya

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