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Executive Director Visited Rwanda Military Academy Project

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On the morning of December 3, Zhang Zhouping, the executive director of Jiangxi Overseas Construction Company Limited(JOCC) , visited Rwanda Military Academy Project for field supervision. Accompanied by Huang Feixiang, general manager of JWHC Rwanda Ltd, and other delegation members, warm condolences have been expressed to overseas coworkers who have always clung to the battlefront  in severe outbreak.




Director Zhang and his delegation conduct field supervision



Zhang Zhouping and his delegation met with the Employer of the Military Academy project. Impressed by the warm and harmonious atmosphere,the two parties had full exchanges on the project construction during the epidemic. Both parties cherish and value this cooperation so much that they have spared no effort to expedite progress, looking forward to an active and effective communication in future, overcoming difficulties with pragmatic solutions to achieve the expected objectives in schedule.




Director Zhang met with Employer of the Military Academy



In the subsequent seminar, Director Zhang specifically inspected the overall situation of construction work, and inquired in detail about the logistics support for staff life. employees. He first listened to the report on the production and operation of the project by the project leader, Huang Feixiang, with detailed information on the current progress of the project, difficulties encountered, measures taken and next work plan. Director Zhang fully affirmed their active performance and courageous efforts to ensure compliance of the contract execution during the epidemic,and put forward clear requirements for the subsequent work. He emphasized that ,firstly, top priority always to the health and safety of people with effective measures to stop the spread of the epidemic and other diseases or accident; secondly, to build high quality projects through strict QC and boost core competitiveness; Thirdly, to promote high-quality and efficient performance of projects, establish a good company image, and lay a solid foundation to further contracting expansion in the local market.




Director Zhang in the seminar


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