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Rusumo Diversion Tunnel Bored Through

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On June 12, 2021, the diversion tunnel of Rwanda Rusumo Hydropower Station was successfully bored through, witnessed by joint-inspections of Ministers of Three Countries i.e. Rwandan Infrastructure Minister Amb. Claver Gatete, Tanzania Energy Minister Medard Kalemani, and Burundi Energy Minister Eng Ibrahim Uwizeye.

Located at Rusumo Falls on the border of Rwanda and Tanzania, with transmission lines interconnecting population region on the northern side of the custom house, this city-gate-shaped tunnel features a poor geological conditions with thin cover layer, construction risk is high. Thanks to integrated plans specifically developed by our engineer team to cater for the design and specification requirements, thus safety, quality, and progress are prioritized and optimized, the diversion tunnel has finally completely bored through successfully.

Accompanied by the project department leaders during the inspection of the dam, powerhouse and switchyard, Three Countries Ministers have highlighted great benefit on this important livelihood project in the region. It will not only generate low-cost renewable energy, but also promote economic activities and attract private sector investments as well as development in the Nile River Basin. The progress by JWHC Group Co,.Ltd. is highly affirmed, especially under adverse conditions while the epidemic situation is raging and the personnel is extremely scarce, unsparing efforts are set up to overcome challenges to complete the work beyond expectations.

In order to advance the construction progress to the greatest extent, and delivered the project with excellent performance to the satisfaction of the governments of the Three Countries, the Project Department next will further strive to achieve the goal of early power generation, and early benefit the people of the regions.

Tunnel  bored through

Photos taken with NELSAP and JWHC Project Team

Photos taken with NELSAP, JWHC Project Team and Tunnel workers

Live press release of mainstream media on Three Countries Ministers' Inspection of Rusumo Dam


The Minister of the Three countries Inspect the Powerhouse


Accompanied by the project department,The Minister of the Three countries Inspect the Switchyard

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