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On June 24,2021, JWHC Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement with International Architectural Design Institute of China State Construction Engineering Corporation 5th Bureau Corp Ltd (CSCEC5B), and signed by Liu Ailan, its chief economist and vice president, and Zhang Zhouping, director and vice president of JWHC Group & executive director of JOCC, respectively.

Affiliated to the world's top 500 enterprise as one of important backbone member of CSCEC5B, International Architectural Design Institute constitutes its integrated engineering consultation and design platform with Three AAA Special Qualifications in Architecture, Highway and Municipal engineering sectors featuring whole-process consultation, survey and design in architectural, municipal (environmental protection) , underground space and civil defense, landscape as well as other business. The main business covers various dedicated whole-process consultation services on overseas projects in 30-plus domestic and dozen overseas countries, such as urban, residential and commercial complexes, offices and hotels, industrial parks, as well as infrastructure design services in sanitation and medication,  transportation and tourism sectors.

Before the ceremony, an in-depth exchanges were also conducted concerning general profiles and cooperation frames. Both parties hope to further strengthen interaction in the future and achieve win-win cooperation. as witnessed by this signing which is conducive to enhancing both the market competitiveness, and the development of the international construction market.Its our sincere wish such cooperation on the project shall be executed jointly in the circumstance to  further promote and explore  development of overseas engineering market.

Attendees of the signature ceremony include Zhao Min, general manager of CEC5B International Architectural Design Institute, Huang Zhengmin, director and vice president of JWHC Group & general manager of JOCC, Xiong Haoguan, deputy general manager of JOCC, and Zhang Liya, general manager assistant of JOCC.

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