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VP Huang Supervising works In JWHC Kenya

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Accompanied by He Xiang, GM of JWHC Kenya Limited and related PMs , Huang Zhengmin, VP of JWHC Group and GM of JOCC,has conducted all-round supervising inspection in Kenya recently , with condolences to all front-line employees of various projects , including Alma Apartment project,Lower Nyamindi  Hydro Electric Power Project ,South Mara Hydro Electric Power Project, RWC286 and RWC251  road project, as well as  Mwiki sewage improvement project.

While inspecting the construction sites of each project and listening to the PM’s work report, VP Huang, on behalf of the company, expressed his sincere gratitude and cordial condolences to those colleagues making contribution  to the front line without spotlight on them  during the epidemic. He pointed out further  that  all projects should continue to ensure the orderly implementation of epidemic prevention and control work in combination with the experiences  in the past two years, and conveyed  the group's  “16-character spirit” on the development direction of overseas undertakings,"Clung to the position, Awareness of risks, standardized management, and new  brilliance creation". In this regards, Kenyan companies are required to keep focus on contract management and construction management from the following four aspects.

Strengthen Awareness of risks. To plan ahead, identify and resolve contract risks  timelessly, study CLASS I contracts carefully to cater for routine work on variations and claims, taking advantage of contract opportunities. At the same time, strengthen the management of Class III contracts to prevent disputes and reduce costs.

 Strengthen whole process control.To make overall plan for the project, with close attention on key points, and implementation on details. To ensure the quality and safety of the project, and to perform the contract conscientiously.

 Strengthen localized management. To reduce the number of Chinese employees for redundancy elimination  and cost reduction.

 Strengthen "Clearance & Restructuring Work". To Fully evaluate the Employer’s ability to make payment, and control the construction pace while ensuring no risk in the performance of the contract.

In addition , "Special Conference on Claims and Clearance & Restructuring Work" was held on March 29 in Kenya under this circumstance.  Detailed analysis was made on the three EPC hydropower stations, ALMA apartment, Two Rivers and other projects,  the work plan was re-formulated to be implemented by relevant personnel in charge.





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