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JWHCers in Kenya branch have sunshine in their hearts

Author: Yuan jinggui release time: 2022-04-07 browsing number: 0

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, Kenya has introduced a series of epidemic prevention and control measures, including restrictions on regional population movements, curfews, wearing masks in public places, restrictions on social distancing, and suspension of international flights. In this context, many Chinese-funded enterprises in Kenya, including Kenyan companies, have been affected to varying degrees, facing multiple pressures such as shortage of epidemic prevention materials, coronavirus infection, rising prices, and difficulties for employees to return to China.

Faced with the rising number of cases, Chinese employees in Kenya will inevitably feel the fear of the unknown; the already arduous and monotonous engineering life has become more boring with the pause button pressed by the epidemic; their plan to return to China seems to have been stranded indefinitely after the suspension of international flights; across the mountains and rivers, their thoughts of hometown and relatives will be recalled through a video call...... The panic about the epidemic, the sense of frustration and  powerlessness, a lingering haze hangs over the hearts.

Under the careful guidance of JWHC group upon the outbreak of the epidemic,  an emergency plan was immediately launched in the Kenya branch , combined with the domestic epidemic prevention and control experience, a batch of masks, disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials was purchased and distributed to each in a short period of time. Insisting on  wearing masks, wash and disinfect hands in time, and turn epidemic prevention measures into personal habits; reduce going out, maintain social distancing, meal-sharing system, and carry out home work as appropriate. The implementation of these epidemic prevention measures has effectively blocked the spread of pandemic and everyone was  calmed down. At the same time, the branch also pays attention to the psychological dynamics, provides psychological counseling for employees in a timely manner, and encourages everyone to overcome the difficulties together.

In Kenya in the "post-epidemic" era, epidemic prevention and control has become increasingly normalized. As the COVID-19 epidemic is gradually brought under control, the transmission has been greatly reduced, and the initial sense of fear  has gradually disappeared. It is recognized that immunity through exercise and fitness is one of the most effective ways to fight the coronavirus.  He Xiang, general manager of the Kenya branch, issued a call to "Enhancing the body and actively fight the epidemic". Since the Spring Festival this year, this call has been enthusiastically responded by the employees of the branch. They actively participated in the upsurge of sports and fitness in their spare time, forming a vibrant, youthful and sunny landscape. Mr. He also Lead by example, practice physically, and play sports regularly every week, such as playing badminton, running, skipping rope, etc. They are very enthusiastic, each has formulated their own exercise and fitness plans. Going to the gym regularly to run and lift weights in their spare time, organizing  basketball on weekends, practicing yoga and aerobics by video, they overcome difficulties with limited resources, and arrange a simple fitness room  to meet the basic fitness needs. They often share sports and fitness experience and skills in the group, supervising and encouraging each other, and forming a benign "involution" trend.

During the two months of regular exercise and fitness, everyone's body and mentality have undergone positive changes, and a new mental outlook, full of youthful vitality. As shown by Fan Yao, one  representative of young employees, that regular exercise and fitness can effectively eliminate work fatigue, allow him to meet work tasks in a better state, and make monotonous life more fun. Self-disciplined life and work bring more calm in the face of difficulties and challenges.

From the initial haze of the epidemic to the youthful and sunny attitude towards life and work, the JWHCers in Kenya branch has undergone a top-down transformation. Like sunflowers after wind and rain, always positive and have sunshine in their hearts.


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